Introducing the The Virtual Whiskey Show (American Style)


What is The Virtual Whisky Show?

Firstly we’ve renamed Whiskey! The Show to The Whiskey Show (American Style)  to keep alignment with our other shows.


The Virtual Whiskey Show is a celebration of around 50 whiskies from the USA and Canada, plus some Australian Ryes. 


You will taste some of the finest whiskies from popular brands including Woodford Reserve, Baker’s, Legent, Wild Turkey, Old Forester, Koval, Millstone, Shelter Point and many more*.


Due to the risks of Covid-19, you can’t go to the event in person, so we’re bringing the whiskey to you. How good is that!

*brands subject to change

How does it work?

Being a Virtual Whiskey Show means you can sit back and sample many different whiskies from the comfort and safety of your own home.


Each ticket holder will receive a box of 10ml whiskey samples delivered to your door, equal to the number of whiskies you would have had the opportunity to try at the Show. 


Being a community of whisky lovers, we encourage you to participate in a number of online activities to enhance your experience when sampling your whiskey. You can even get together with your local whisky club as a small group to enjoy them together.  

The Whisky Show App - your guide to The Virtual Whiskey Show 

The Whisky Show app (which we launched at last year’s show) is currently undergoing an upgrade for 2020. 


Once released, it will be configured to guide you through the sampling of these whiskies, with a short video describing each one, and a link to purchase bottles at special show prices. That’s right! Try, rate and buy - all from your living room. Welcome to the future!


There is no pressure on you to go through all of the whiskies in a set time, as you can progress at your own pace, and visit the videos via the app at your leisure. You can do this on your own or with friends who have also purchased Show tickets. 


The Virtual Whisky Show will commence with a special livestream event, which we will welcome everyone and give an overview on how the Virtual Show will work, how to use the app and any other FAQs plus a celebrational communal cheers to commence the virtual show’s launch. More details for this to be announced soon so stay tuned!


Details for how to download the app will be announced soon. Like last year, there will be an iOS and Android version available.


Can I rate the whiskies?

Great question and the answer is YES!

Each whisky sample you receive - we encourage you to rate through The Whisky Show app. (Link to download app to be shared soon).

Rating the whiskies is super easy, with a 1-click rating system that we launched last year in the app.


For everyone who rates a whisky, you automatically go into the running to win a bottle of The Whisky Show exclusive release from Woodford Reserve. 

1 Rating = 1 entry, so the more whiskies you rate the higher your chance of winning. But be fair and rate whiskies based on your taste and according to the 5-star rating scale. 

Can I buy a whiskey if I liked my sample?

Of course you can!

What is the point of trying a whisky if you can’t take it home. The show app will have the ability to purchase any whisky you try from the sample pack. 


The ‘Buy My Bottle’ feature is super simple to use. Just select the whisky you rated highly and want to buy. Hit ‘ADD TO CART’, add your payment details (everything is super secure and encrypted) and your delivery address and your done. MAGIC! In a few days time your bottle(s) will arrive safely for you to enjoy. 

How do I get a ticket to this Virtual Whiskey Show?


Possibly the most important question left to last. Tickets for The Virtual Whiskey Show are live now.


Each ticket costs $75 and you get:

  • a box of 10ml whiskey samples delivered to your door, equal to the number of whiskies you would have had the opportunity to try at the Show

  • Your own Whisky Show Glass - great whiskey deserves a great glass to drink from

  • The Whisky Show App (powered by the great team over at The Whisky List) filled with all the info and videos you need about each whiskey



Is there a limit to the number of tickets available? 

Yes, there are only 250 tickets available.


Is there a cut-off date to purchase tickets? 

There is no real cut-off date, but if you book too close to the target launch date of 18 April, then your samples may not get to you in time. Once the limit of 250 is reached then ticket sales will end. 


If I choose the option to include the bottle of Woodford Reserve malt, will this be shipped with the samples? 

Yes, they will all be shipped together


Can I purchase more than one ticket?

Yes, you can purchase as many tickets as you like, unless they are sold out prior. Each person you include in the order must be over 18 years of age, of course. 


How can I find out what whisky will be in the sample pack?

Once whiskies have been confirmed officially by the exhibitors, they will be posted on the website, and also added to the Show app. 


How much is in each sample bottle?

Each sample bottle contains 10ml of whiskey. The measured pours at the Whisky Shows is 5ml, so this is equal to visiting a stand twice to sample a whiskey. 


How many sample bottles will I receive? 

We were aiming for 40 to 50 different whiskies at Whiskey! The Show, and the intention is to have the same number delivered to you. The final number will depend on the number of exhibitors, and the number of expressions each one chooses to include. This concept is new to the exhibitor too, so some need to work out how best to participate. 


When does the sample back get sent out?

Whiskey! The Show was scheduled to take place on 18 April, and that is the date we have in mind to have the sample packs sent to everyone. With uncertainty surrounding all businesses, including postal and freight, this could change a bit, but we will keep everyone posted as more information is received. 


Is there a set time frame in which I have to access the videos and drink the samples? 

Not at all. Once the Virtual Show goes live, you can work you way through the samples and videos at your leisure. 


How do I add the Woodford Reserve Malt option to my order? 

There is a separate ticket purchase option which includes the Woodford Malt.

Can I buy an additional bottle of Woodford Malt? 

As the allocation is limited, there is no option to purchase additional bottles of the Woodford Malt with the ticket. If there are any left over, these will be added to the virtual store in the Show App for purchase once the show goes live. 


How do I go about purchasing bottles that I like? 

There will be a “Buy It Now” feature in the App which allows you to purchase as many of the bottles you like, with payment via our secure gateway.


What if I had already purchased a ticket to Whiskey! The Show? Can this be transferred to the Virtual Whiskey Show? 

Yes of course! As your ticket has been purchased in good faith, we will waive any delivery charge. If you decide that the virtual show isn’t for you, we can discuss providing you with a refund.