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The Virtual Whisky Show - World Whiskies

Friday 30 October 2020

Australia                Starward Fortis

Canada                  Pike Creek Port finish

England                 English Whisky Co Virgin Oak

France                   Armorik Dervenn

India                       Amrut Naarangi

Ireland                   Hyde Rum Cask

Israel                     Milk & Honey Classic

Italy                       Puni Nero

Japan                     Hibiki Harmony

New Zealand        NZ Whisky Collection Oamaruvian

South Africa         Bains single grain

Spain                     Nomad Outland

Sweden                 Mackmyra Mack

Switzerland           Santis Edition Himmelberg

Taiwan                    Kavalan Podium

The Netherlands   Millstone Peated PX Cask

USA                       Westward Oregon Stout

Wales                     Penderyn Legend

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We may not have been able to travel much this year, so The Whisky Show brings the world to you. 18 whiskies from 18 different countries, delivered to your door.

The Virtual Show kicks off with a livestream broadcast on 30 October at 7.00pm, featuring some of the giants of World Whisky. They will be sharing their wisdom and insights on innovation and the opportunities and challenges of making and marketing whisky in different parts of the world. Join the conversation via Facebook, YouTube and The Whisky List App. 


Ian Chang - Former Master Blender and Head of R&D at Kavalan Distillery in Taiwan

Patrick van Zuidam - Owner and Head Distiller at Zuidam Distillery (Millstone) in The Netherlands

Tomer Goren - Head Distiller at The Milk & Honey Distillery in Israel

Tal Chotiner - Head of International Sales at The Milk & Honey Distillery in Israel

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Virtual Aussie Show - day 1

7 August

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 5.14.11 am.png

Virtual Aussie Show - day 2

8 August

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 5.13.52 am.png

Virtual Independent Bottlers Show 15 August

How does it work?

Being a Virtual Whisky Show means you can sit back and sample many different whiskies from the comfort and safety of your own home.


Being a community of whisky lovers, we encourage you to participate in a number of online activities to enhance your experience when sampling your whisky. You can even get together with your local whisky club as a virtual small group to enjoy them together. 


The Whisky Show App - your guide to The Virtual Whiskey Show 

The Whisky Show app (which we launched at last year’s show) has undergone an upgrade for 2020. 


It is configured to guide you through the sampling of these whiskies, with a short video describing each one, and a link to purchase bottles at special show prices. That’s right! Try, rate and buy - all from your living room. Welcome to the future!


There is no pressure on you to go through all of the whiskies in a set time, as you can progress at your own pace, and visit the videos via the app at your leisure. You can do this on your own or with friends who have also purchased Show tickets. 


The Virtual Whisky Show will commence with a special livestream event, which we will welcome everyone and give an overview on how the Virtual Show will work, how to use the app and any other FAQs plus a celebrational communal cheers to commence the virtual show’s launch. More details for this to be announced soon so stay tuned!


Details for how to download the app will be announced soon. Like last year, there will be an iOS and Android version available.


Can I rate the whiskies?

Great question and the answer is YES!

Each whisky sample you receive - we encourage you to rate through The Whisky Show app.

Can I buy a whisky if I liked my sample?

Of course you can!

What is the point of trying a whisky if you can’t take it home. The show app will have the ability to purchase any whisky you try from the sample pack. 


The ‘Buy My Bottle’ feature is super simple to use. Just select the whisky you rated highly and want to buy. Hit ‘ADD TO CART’, add your payment details (everything is super secure and encrypted) and your delivery address and your done. MAGIC! In a few days time your bottle(s) will arrive safely for you to enjoy. 


Glenglassaugh 200910yo Aleatico Red Wine Cask   

The Whisky Show Exclusive Single Cask, Cask Strength Bottling

- Cask #2213
- Cask Type: Aleatico Wine Cask
- Distilled 10/12/2009, bottled 16/12/2019
- Number of bottles: 441

- ABV: 54.3%

Tasting notes
Nose: Strawberry jam, white chocolate, watermelon, pears, apricots and vanilla

Palate: Red jelly beans, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, liquorice root, earthy and mineral

Want to own a piece of Glenglassaugh History?

Since 1875 the Glenglassaugh distillery has sat quietly on the edge of the picturesque Sandend Bay, breathing in the North Sea air which flows through its warehouses and invigorates its sweet Highland spirit with notes of the sea. Silent for a period of more than 20 years, the distillery was re-awakened in 2008 and its stills brought back to life.

The Whisky Show brings you the first 10 year old single malt released by Glenglassaugh in the world, since it reopened - exclusive to Australia